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To go confidently, as Henry David Thoreau encouraged, is to go vfa-logoconsciously. We all dream, day and night, but most dreams evaporate before they are remembered. The casual dreamer’s dream is illusion. The causal dreamer’s dream is imagination. The visionary author is a dream catcher, a professional (intentional) dreamer with wits enough about him or her to bear witness and record the dream, thus making it conscious: a blueprint for reality.


The Anathemas

The Anathemas:

A Novel about Reincarnation and Restitution

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Visionary Fiction and the Science of Consciousness Series

Dr. Gary Schwartz, Scientist and Parapsychologist In March-April 2017, I wrote a three-part series for the Visionary Fiction Alliance website entitled “Visionary Fiction and the Science of Consciousness.” Given the audience there, it is tailored to authors and readers of the Visionary Fiction genre. However, it contains information,  insights, and references for those more generally interested … Read more

Super Synchronicity by Gary E. Schwartz Ph. D.

For someone coming cold upon the concept of synchronicity, Super Synchronicity: Where Science and Spirit Meet might be a “You’ve got to be kidding.” Perhaps why Gary Schwartz’s degrees and experience are necessary to make him a credible messenger. Read more

Channel of the Grail Acclaimed by Richard Stanley

Victor E. Smith’s second visionary/historical novel, Channel of the Grail, published in May 2016, has received high praise from noted author and filmmaker, Richard Stanley. Read more

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New Novel: Channel of the Grail

On May 3, 2016, Vic Smith's latest novel, Channel of the Grail, was published to stellar advance reviews by Quantum Leap Publishing, Tucson, AZ. It is available on Amazon, domestic and international, in print. The e-book can be purchased from Amazon.com and most e-books outlets worldwide. For further information, click HERE.  

Europe Research Tours Blogs

While preparing my new novel, Channel of the Grail (formerly The Perfect), I went on two self-conducted research tours of Europe. (OK, so I know how to combine business and pleasure!) In the first leg, done in August 2010, I visited the Cathar-Templar country in southern France and northern Spain. CLICK HERE TO READ THE 2010 BLOG SEQUENCE FROM THE BEGINNING. From Oct. 4 to Oct. 20, 2011, I travelled to Germany with forays into Austria and Switzerland. I felt like I had  my Indiana Jones hat on. CLICK HERE TO READ THE 2011 BLOG SEQUENCE FROM THE BEGINNING.

Photo Poems and Essays page added

To take a break from the lengthy process of writing a novel, the author indulges in a bit of (more) instant gratification, by composing poems and writing essays illustrated with his photographs. CLICK THIS LINK TO CHECK IT OUT. Enjoy!