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Coming to you live from…

Statue of Liberty NYC

My favorite quote, one embossed on the coffee cup I use every day, is from Henry David Thoreau: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Today, I sit in my apartment, yes, in New York City (thus the Saturday Night Live line). In a couple of days, I take off on the second leg of my European research tour for The Perfect. I am living the life I have imagined.

And you are invited to join me on the Travel Blog page as I shoot pictures and blog my way from Munich, where I land, through Austria and Switzerland to Basel. Then north through the Black Forest and on to Berlin, from where I depart.

It may seem a bit like Babe Ruth pointing to the bleachers, signaling he planned to hit a homerun, but I know I will return with “treasure” that will invest future conversation on this site and eventually the novel itself. Come along for a wild ride!

Written on Sat. Oct 2, 2011

AN APOLOGY: Due to technical difficulties in getting the blogging portion of this site fully operational before my trip, I was unable to report live as I went through Europe. In other words, these entries are being made, after the fact, from my trip notes. Not quite realtime, but better than no record at all.

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  1. Bill Engelmann says:

    Living in New York, Vic do you own a car? Bill

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