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Carcassonne and the Chateaux, August 12-13, 2010

My next major destination, one where I booked a hotel for two nights, was the city of Carcassonne, second only to Toulouse as the center of military, political and ecclesiastical activity during the Cathar Crusade period. But it was on my way there from Albi, the afternoon of August 12, that I was introduced to … Read more

Toulouse to Albi: Orientation to Cathar Country 8/10-12

The Languedoc was forcibly annexed by the French during the bloody Cathar conflict in the thirteenth century, and Toulouse, its capital, was center stage as that tragedy played out…It became immediately evident that I had landed, as if I’d time-traveled, in the midst of the places and characters of the era I had come to study vis-á-vis The Perfect, and that three weeks would be precious little time to absorb even a fraction of the information and experience available. Read more