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Dreaming Worlds Awake by Esme Ellis: A Potpourri, in More Ways than One

Esme Ellis’s Dreaming Worlds Awake is a “potpourri” in several of the word’s meanings. As announced in the subtitle, “Stories, Synchronicities, Dreams and Correspondence, with a scatter of poems,” it is a miscellany of literary extracts exploring:  “New consciousness, New energy, New writing.” The book is true to its description. But there were times while … Read more

Paranormal Series #4 PSYCHOKINESIS—Remote Control over Matter

The efficacy of the remote control is a given in the 21st Century. We use one for everything from starting our cars without leaving the house to sending nuclear missiles against  targets on the other side of the planet. Its role in engendering the current crop of gigantic couch potatoes is debatable, but that’s a … Read more