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Saurimonde by Scarlett Amaris and Melissa St. Hilaire

With Saurimonde being my first taste of the dark fantasy/horror/paranormal romance genre—I couldn’t resist the taunting dare in the blurb—I cannot compare it to similar works. So this review is not that of an “expert” but of a casual passerby, lured by other common causes with one of the authors, Scarlett Amaris, and an abiding curiosity about books that fall, however loosely, into the wide spectrum of literature that might be classified as “visionary fiction.” Read more

PURE VISION by Perri Birney: Da Vinci Code Knock-off or Pristine Vision?

Beyond all the literary slicing and dicing, I read PURE VISION: The Magdalene Revelation with relish. It kept me turning the pages, meaning it was either teaching me something new or repeating things I needed to hear again. Most tellingly, all the way through I sensed the book’s beating heart: the resolute vision of peace, framed and sustained by its heroine, the Magdalene, and her army of women, marching from the four corners of the earth to create the new Jerusalem. Read more