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Channel of the Grail Acclaimed by Richard Stanley

My second visionary/historical novel, Channel of the Grail, published in May 2016, has received high praise from noted author and filmmaker, Richard Stanley. After reading the manuscript prior to publication, Richard wrote:

Richard Stanley

Richard Stanley

“I have indeed read ‘CHANNEL’ and liked it a great deal. …I believe this is beyond doubt the best literary evocation of the Rahn affair and the enigma of the Graal Pyrenean that I have read to date and puts the research to excellent use without it ever getting in the way of narrative flow and the deeper spiritual issues.

“In many respects your work shadows and compliments my own in the ‘DANGEROUS GODS’ manuscript that will see publication from Feral House later this year. Particularly fascinating to me is the way we have often jumped off from identical starting points only to proceed in utterly different directions – all of which serves to highlight the multifoliate complexity of the Grail itself. Congratulations, sir! My hat is truly off to you.”

With his films, writing, and the Terra Umbra website, Richard Stanley serves as the consummate custodian of Otto Rahn’s legacy from his home base in Montsegur, France. He completed The Secret Glory, an examination of Otto Rahn’s search for the Holy Grail, in 2001. He launched the interactive website Terra Umbra – Empire of Shadows in October 2009 and released the e-book Shadow of the Grail – Magic and Mystery at Montsegur in December 2010. We look forward to Richard’s Dangerous Gods soon to be published .

I appreciate the maestro’s warm endorsement and invite you to order and read Channel of the Grail. It is available at Amazon.com in print and as e-book or from most other e-book vendors including Apple’s I-books.

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