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Super Synchronicity by Gary E. Schwartz Ph. D.

For someone coming cold upon the concept of synchronicity, Super Synchronicity: Where Science and Spirit Meet might be a “You’ve got to be kidding.” Perhaps why Gary Schwartz’s degrees and experience are necessary to make him a credible messenger. Read more

The “Flyby” in Visionary Fiction

Where do the ideas and visions that eventually become complex cities and timeless books come from? I don’t know actually—how to blunt a piece from the get-go! However, I do know that they first show up as blip of light barely large and lasting enough to evoke a “What the heck was that?” It gets a smidge of our attention before it flicks on by. Read more

Paranormal Series #4 PSYCHOKINESIS—Remote Control over Matter

The efficacy of the remote control is a given in the 21st Century. We use one for everything from starting our cars without leaving the house to sending nuclear missiles against  targets on the other side of the planet. Its role in engendering the current crop of gigantic couch potatoes is debatable, but that’s a … Read more

Paranormal Series #2: Is Past Life Recall Required for Psychological Wholeness?

Is it possible that Einstein’s dictum—We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them—applies to our view of the life span itself when it comes to those thorny challenges that will not yield to any logic, medicine, prayer or kindness? Should we be looking at the forest rather than the single tree? Read more

Paranormal Series #1: Is Paranormal the new Normal?

As a writer who works in the paranormal novel genre and a reader who indulges in paranormal non-fiction as well, I thought to put together a series, threaded through my blog among other subjects as the “spirit” moves me, on paranormal phenomena. Read more