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Book Review: Redemption by Jacklyn Lo

Jacklyn Lo’s debut novel, Redemption, is a fast-paced and somewhat trippy read—Artificial Intelligence meets New Age—which enters the burgeoning Visionary Fiction genre market (Reincarnation sub-category) with bursts of brilliance that bodes well for her future. Read more

Book Review: Miracles Happen by Brian L. Weiss, MD

As an author who writes fiction that features reincarnation as a given and has done considerable research into the phenomenon in history and in the field, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Weiss’s latest book Miracles Happen. Read more

Paranormal Series #2: Is Past Life Recall Required for Psychological Wholeness?

Is it possible that Einstein’s dictum—We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them—applies to our view of the life span itself when it comes to those thorny challenges that will not yield to any logic, medicine, prayer or kindness? Should we be looking at the forest rather than the single tree? Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: Why a Novel rather than Non-fiction?

So here I was with a mystery that went back millennia and touched the lives and minds of half the world’s population. Why not just write the facts and let the reader come to his own conclusion? Why a novel? Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: Why not Reincarnation?

Who would not trade in the dismal declaration, Remember man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return! for a destiny more suited to man’s nobler aspirations? From “What if reincarnation?” it is a natural leap, at least theoretically, to “Why not reincarnation?” Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: Why a Novel about Reincarnation?

A wannabe writer in my early 20’s, I never imagined that typing out a couple of one-page character sketches about this imperial pair would start a process, and not merely a writing project, that would span decades before completion. Their story was history and thus worthy of a self-defined scholar, but with a twist that defied the status quo enough to support my recently adopted unorthodoxy. Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: What’s the Story in the Novel?

In 1879, Richard Strawn, a Civil War medic disowned by his fellow Quakers, has to come to terms with his daughter Jennifer’s conviction that she was once a fabulous queen and he a king, or concur with his wife, Lucinda, that the girl is hopelessly insane. Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: What’s the History behind the Novel?

In 553 AD, Justinian I, the self-righteous ruler of the eastern half of the decaying Roman Empire, held Pope Vigilius prisoner until the church leader agreed to sign The Anathemas of the Council of Constantinople, previously convened by the emperor. Thus, with the stroke of the papal pen, anyone who believed in the ancient doctrine that souls existed before the present body’s birth or reincarnated after its death was excommunicated from the church, subject to persecution and eternally damned. Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: Why the Odd Title?

Is it possible that centuries ago we were robbed, personally and collectively, of our true history, our immortal heritage, and then force-fed a myth about a rigid and unforgiving spiritual destiny that enslaved us to the robbers? Read more

The Anathemas Q-and-A: Introduction to Blog Series

In the few years since the publication of my first novel, The Anathemas, A Novel about Reincarnation and Restitution, I have been asked many question about the book: What’s does the title mean? How did you come up with the material in it? How much is history and how much fiction? Did you use material supposedly from your own past lives in the book? And many more. Read more