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The “Flyby” in Visionary Fiction

Where do the ideas and visions that eventually become complex cities and timeless books come from? I don’t know actually—how to blunt a piece from the get-go! However, I do know that they first show up as blip of light barely large and lasting enough to evoke a “What the heck was that?” It gets a smidge of our attention before it flicks on by. Read more

Jessie’s Song by Eleni Papanou

Jessie’s Song, at its core a love story, largely takes place in the post-death realm that the couple traverses in tandem. Unique is that for one of the characters, Markos, it is a near-death experience (NDE), while for his wife Stella it is full death experience (FDE), with the author demonstrating an excellent command of the literature on both “in-between” states. Read more

Celebrating Visionary Fiction Pioneer Monty Joynes

Join me in Celebrating Visionary Fiction Pioneer Monty Joynes on the Visionary Fiction Alliance website. I am the fortunate owner of a set, each inscribed with a personal message, of all four volumes of the original Booker series by Monty Joynes, adventurer, Vietnam “era” vet, magazine editor, travel writer, diplomat, and author of more than twenty … Read more