Channel of the Grail

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Notice of Otto Rahn’s Death, May 18, 1939

On May 18, 1939, by order of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, an announcement of the death of SS officer Otto Rahn appeared in the German newspapers. Already months since his alleged death in an Alpine snow storm, Rahn was applauded as a “comrade, a decent SS-man and creator of outstanding historical-scholarly works.” But his Swiss lover, Raymond Perrier, knew first-hand that Otto had not died in an accident nor was he any longer a member of Himmler’s Black Order at the time of his demise.

In the early 1930s, Otto Rahn had gone to the French Languedoc to research the medieval Cathars, a heretical sect that after a thirty-five year struggle finally succumbed when their last stronghold, the castle of Montsegur, fell to the Crusader force charged by the Roman church to destroy them.  In 1933 Rahn published  Crusade against the Grail: The Struggle between the Cathars, the Templars, and the Church of Rome that hinted to his having discovered further important information about the actual Arthurian Grail while in France. The evidence eventually proved substantial enough that Rahn’s biographer, Nigel Graddon, dubbed him “the real Indiana Jones.”

An occult enthusiast who believed he was Henry the Fowler, the founder of the German state, in a past life, Himmler enticed Rahn to join the fledgling SS historical research department, the Ahnenerbe, in 1936. Concerned to have Otto’s knowledge and eventually the Grail itself in his esoteric arsenal, the Nazi chief coddled his protégé, even including Raymond, a foreigner, in the SS inner circle despite the suspected nature of the two men’s relationship. With so powerful a protector, Otto Rahn’s star continued to rise even as the SS evolved into one of the most sinister operations in history.

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After Otto’s final disappearance, Raymond that knew his friend’s work deserved a prominent place in history, but not as the “SS-man” of Himmler’s obituary. Rather, he should be remembered as the appointed troubadour who had resurrected the heroic tradition of a valiant people that had embraced the flames prepared for them by the jealous Roman Church 700 years before. Otto and Raymond’s joint mission, too, extended back those many centuries. By giving his life in the Alpine hills, Otto had completed his portion of the task. That left Raymond to conclude the work by preserving Otto’s reputation and thus the legacy of the Grail even as Hitler’s hordes readied to set Europe ablaze with the invasion of Poland and World War II.

Channel of the Grail is a visionary novel based on the history of the medieval Cathar persecutions and the life of twentieth-century German author Otto Rahn.


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