Vic’s Photo Poems and Essays

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Madam Manhattan: a Memoir


Picture a seven-year-old country lad who falls in love with a wealthy, voluptuous, urbane, older woman who then dallies with his immoderate affection over the next six decades to no apparent purpose. Such was my relationship with that sliver of an island known as Manhattan, New York City’s most famous borough…

A nostalgic autobiographical piece written for the Society of Southwestern Authors’ 2013 Writing Contest and rated as “Very well written. Great use of language- theatrical, almost! Good observations and a well developed metaphor.”

Christmas Country


Even though this piece was done as a Christmas gift to family and friends in 2005, the year I moved back to Colorado after a ten-year absence, the blend of gratitude to be home again with the unparalleled scenery of Indian Peaks Wilderness makes it an appropriate celebration of Colorado’s beauty in any season of any year.

The Rock, the Presence


A Photo-Poem in Honor of Peter M. Smith
On the 10th Anniversary of His Crossing Over

On January 31, 1996, our brother Pete’s plane went down on Mt. Ypsilon in Rocky Mountain National Park. This piece, written ten years later, celebrates his wild and wonderful, if shortened, life, with poetry and pictures of the wild, wonderful Rocky Mountains that were so much a part of his life and death.



Every piece alone is just an isolated stone.

Welded together, merged with all others, each becomes the One.

It takes every single face to form the human race,

All the tiny fragments to make up Everything.

Thus, the refrain. Read the rest of this poem, celebrating our individuality and our Oneness.



The magical, the mystical, the mysterious, he miraculous
All start as an inkling deep within,
The twinkling of a tiny star in distant space,
Blinking on and off,
Beckoning one across the chasm between the all‐too‐real
And the utterly fantastic.

Join the author’s visit on September 12,2009,to one of Earth’s most hallowed places: Glastonbury, England,